Baggage terminal
Leipzig-Halle Airport, Germany
At the technical level below the central check-in terminal and the mall,
checked-in baggage will be carried to the South (during the second
construction stage to the North as well), through Terminal B and (in a
baggage tube) through the ATC tower building to the baggage terminal South.

The baggage terminal (50 m x 80 m) has been designed as a closed, two-
storey, sheet-metal lamella system. Main feature of the building is the curved
roof structure which, due to the large canopy, opens towards the apron like
being folded out.

The cantilevering, one-storey glass unit, which accommodates the control
room, has been laterally integrated above the façade level.

As far as functionality is concerned, baggage distribution has been arranged
so as to check and sort the baggage at the upper level. At ground-floor level,
baggage trolleys pick up the baggage from the individual baggage delivery
units and carry it to the aircraft or deliver baggage from the aircraft to the
conveyor belt.