The central check-in terminal is located between the two
runways and thus above the ICE track and the motorway.

Mall - central check-in terminal
Renault Traffic Design Award 2003

Access of the check-in building is via the curbside level between
building level and rail level, which is also usedby the airport as
north-south connection and which also provides direct access
to the ICE railway station.

The building is characterised by its roof in which shed-like s
kylights have been created by alternating roof height although
the girders are of the same length.

After check-in has been completed, passengers enter the mall
to proceed (tothe north or the south) to their aircraft. The western
part of the mall accommodates facilities such as shops, travel
agencies and restaurants.

The eastern section of the mall is characterised by a large
glass front which creates a relation with the landscape outside.
Another important feature of the mall is its uniform, ellipse-segment-like
cross section which has been maintained over the mall's entire length
of almost 300 metres.