A stackable structural system made of reinforced concrete forms the basis of
the design. Production of the system is relatively easy and allows many and
diverse combinations so that the system itself is hardly being perceived. In
other words: not monotony but diversity through multiplication. This can be
seen, for instance, from the floor plan of the school centre in Ellwangen,
which has been given a logical structure and, due to path "accompaniment"
by courtyards, a (slightly restrained) charm.
School centre Ellwangen, Germany
Hugo Häring Award 1974

This is reflected by the quality of the rooms and particularly by the attractive
central hall, which connects the secondary school and the grammar school
and which does not only serve as entrance but also as assembly hall and
market-place. In those areas where the roof is inclined and glazed, you can
even feel something like attic-room gemütlichkeit. The quality of the system,
however, can also be seen outside, on the façade, for instance, its elements and its firm structuring. Thanks to the system, extension of the school buildings will be quite easy.

(from the report of the Hugo Häring jury)

Construction period: 1972-1973